Dropbox + Encryption
Made Easy

SafeMonk encrypts sensitive data within Dropbox

Companies of all sizes are looking for solutions like SafeMonk that can help them harness the benefits of Dropbox while maintaining full centralized control and meeting compliance mandates.

Garret Bekker, 451 Research


Dropbox Fast

Opening, editing, and sharing in Dropbox is fast. SafeMonk is crazy fast.

Access Anywhere

With SafeMonk software for all the main platforms and browsers you have access to your data where you need it.


The sensitive keys that keep your data safe are never sent or stored on the server unencrypted. We don't store your passwords and your files never touch our servers.

Folder Sharing

What fun is Dropbox without sharing? Securely share with others without sharing your password.

Share Link

Sometimes you just want to send a file to someone - without the hassle of getting them set up with SafeMonk or Dropbox. Share Link lets you securely deliver links and pass lock phrases for an easy and fast way to send files.

Remote Kill

Lost a device? Decide you didn't want to share something after all? With SafeMonk key management - there is always a way to say "adios" to copies of your data where you dont want them.

Account Recovery

We're all human, and we all forget our passwords from time to time. Pick a Dropbox security solution that allows you to recover your account when you forget your password, because believe it or not, not all of them do.

Catch 'em all

There are a million ways for files to get in to Dropbox - and not all of them go through SafeMonk. Not to worry - the SafeMonk app constantly looks for files that are not encrypted... but should be - and then converts them right away.

Always Encrypted

We never leave data unsecured on your machine, so when you are not logged into SafeMonk, your data stays safely locked away, no matter what device you are using.