SafeMonk launched with the aim to become a complete resource for those seeking the latest news on personal and household safe and security issues as well as additional information on the best security products for their personal circumstances.

Achieving that would not be possible without a fantastic team which has grown from one to three people in a very short period.

Aron Gerencser

Aron has had more than a passing interest in home automation for a few years now, but only recently took the plunge and actually began implementing such a system. When not writing about the latest security products, he’s either writing about or playing video games.

Philip Gaudette

Philip is no stranger to car and home theft. After getting hit by multiple burglaries, he began protecting his possessions and researching better ways to deter would-be thieves. With his valuables now tightly locked away, Philip pursues camping and illustrating in his spare time.

Logan Smith

Logan is a jack of all trades and when he’s not administering the website and taking care of the “behind the scenes” stuff, will try and contribute as and when he can to any of the articles and news stories that we post.

Contacting Staff

If you’d like to contact any member of our staff please use the contact form here.

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