VPNs Can Speed Up Your Internet Connection

If you’ve got slow internet speeds, then a VPN might just be the fix. Slow internet can of course be due to a number of reasons: poor equipment (like you modem), you being too far from the exchange, too many people trying to use your connection, the state of the websites/services you are trying to … Continue reading “VPNs Can Speed Up Your Internet Connection”

DRM Supplier Denuvo Suffers Website Leak

Denuvo is an anti-piracy company that become semi-famous last week when Resident Evil 7, a title for which they supplied the copy protection, was cracked by piracy group “CPY” in just five days – a record. If you thought that was bad though, things have just taken a turn for the worse for Denuvo. It’s … Continue reading “DRM Supplier Denuvo Suffers Website Leak”

Old Emails, Social Media Posts & Files To Receive Additional Protection

The 31 year old Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) could soon be updated, an event well overdue given the extent to which the electronic communications have changed over its lifetime. Under the ECPA, as it currently stands, there are there two possible outcomes when determining whether law enforcement agencies require a warrant to search data (such as … Continue reading “Old Emails, Social Media Posts & Files To Receive Additional Protection”

Evernote Reverses Policy On Reading User Notes

Here’s an example of how not to handle privacy policy changes. On December 14 Evernote announced that it would be updating its Privacy Policy with details around new machine learning tools that were to be implemented. As part of said update and in order for the machine learning to function properly, we also learned that … Continue reading “Evernote Reverses Policy On Reading User Notes”