DRM Supplier Denuvo Suffers Website Leak

Denuvo is an anti-piracy company that become semi-famous last week when Resident Evil 7, a title for which they supplied the copy protection, was cracked by piracy group “CPY” in just five days – a record.

If you thought that was bad though, things have just taken a turn for the worse for Denuvo.

It’s been revealed that for some reason formerly private parts of their website were made open to the public for a short period, and crackers have wasted no time in downloading the contents.

The leak appears to have first been posted on 4chan with the primary piece of data being an email archive. It contained emails sent to Denuvo from as far back as 2014 and includes all sorts of correspondence. For example one angry gamer wrote that their DRM software is “bullshit” and that if implemented in games, those games will lose thousands of potential sales.

Another email was from a would-be pirate who was struggling with their copy protection and actually asking for help:

Hello everyone at Denuvo,i would like like to ask that i have downloaded a window game ( Dragon age Inquisition ) from utorrent and it is not running properly,i asked from internet and my friend said me it is because of denuvo, please solve the issue as soon as possible, the dvd version is not there in my country so it is only option for me.

People involved with some very well-known game titles also appear to be caught in the leak as this email apparently reveals (the emails are from a contact form, so the details of any supposed sender could be used):

My name is Graeme Jennings and I’m the Executive Producer on the Halo Wars brand at 343i (Microsoft). Would be grateful if someone can contact me in regards to Denuvo pricing etc.

This email on the other hand, in which the sender attempts to gain access to the original executables of a video game (ie minus DRM) so that they could pirate it, is highly amusing. We’re assuming that his or her attempt at social engineering didn’t work though…

Hello, I am the developer of ABZU game, thanks to your Anti-tamper system that prevented our game from getting cracked as of now. We have started working on another great game, and we plan to use Denuvo on that game as well. However, in our development process, we have come at a situation that we need our ABZU game’s original executable files since our new game is based on that, could you send us the original executables of our game that we sent to you for implementing Denuvo?

Enquiry emails from employees supposedly at Capcom and Google, among others, also appear in the archive. Additional, larger files, the contents of which is not currently known, have also been discovered.

We’ll post more info, including any responses from the company, as and when we receive it.