NordVPN Review – The Safest VPN for Internet Browsing?

Today, internet security is more important than ever. Millions of people around the world manage their finances, documents, jobs and social lives online, with virtual security measures being the only thing standing between private data and public eyes. Hiding your IP address and protecting that valuable personal data via a proven VPN is one way to increase your safety online, and NordVPN is one of the leading choices for that purpose.

If you’re at the stage of VPN selection where you’re checking out specific reviews of software, we’re guessing you have a basic understanding of what a VPN is – nonetheless, here’s a short refresher.

VPN software hides your IP by routing your connection through other nodes, making the myriad of site trackers, cookies and other similar detectors think you are browsing from a different location – usually an altogether different country – than you really are. This lets you browse anonymously, increases your safety and sometimes enables you to access geo-locked content.

The VPN market is pretty saturated, with both free and premium options available in force. It should go without saying which is the better choice and NordVPN is one of the most recognized names in the latter category. Let’s see if it lives up to its popularity.


NordVPN brings all the basic features we’d expect from a VPN – hiding your IP, server selection, bandwidth data – but packages it in a highly user-friendly manner. The user interface is easy to navigate and use making this an ideal choice for beginners. However, there are still plenty of advanced features catering to power users as well.


Instead of a list, NordVPN shows us a graphical world map allowing us to pick and choose which country to be routed through. Depending on certain content restrictions, some countries are better than others, making server switching on the fly immensely convenient.

Settings and various features are fairly self-explanatory, with the less obvious options being ones beginner users don’t need to worry about anyway. One tip we’d like to offer in advance – turn off the Obfuscated Servers option, as it hides a large number of servers from the list.

Mr. Worldwide

NordVPN boasts some of the largest server numbers on the market right now. Operating 5,987 servers spread across 59 countries, there isn’t much geo-locked content NordVPN can’t work itself around in some way or other.

Due to Nord’s userbase, the majority of those almost 6,000 servers are based in Europe and the Americas, but you still have several spread out in Asia and Africa for all of your content needs.

All the options in the world are secondary, however, to the country from where the VPN service operates. Privacy laws in some nations like the US and UK mean that you’re not completely secure, since firms must collect and store data which may then, under certain circumstances, be viewed by government and law enforcement bodies.

NordVPN is based in Panama, where privacy laws are very strict when it comes to protecting your data. With this VPN service, you can be sure that secure really is secure.

Assuming Control

There is plenty to like about NordVPN for the advanced user too. Unlike most other VPN services, Nord has different servers optimized for different purposes, like streaming, browsing or P2P. You can also view detailed and advanced stats about your connection.


In terms of price, NordVPN is among the slightly more expensive premium options out there, with a monthly subscription clocking in at USD$11.95. There are multiple plans on offer which require longer commitments with lower monthly prices as a benefit – some as low USD$3.49 per month.

NordVPN may be slightly pricier than the competition, but it also brings more features to the table, so we’d argue it earns its keep. It’s also important to point out that one subscription will let you secure up to six devices, and the software supports a wide range of platforms including iOS and Android mobile devices,


  • Ease of use – you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to use NordVPN. While the software does pack advanced features, it’s welcoming to those who aren’t too tech-savvy as well.
  • Large server selection – with almost 6,000 active servers, NordVPN offers one of the most diverse pools of selection when it comes to what country you’d want to be routed through, with servers dedicated to specific roles.
  • Truly secure – local laws won’t undo your discretion.


  • Somewhat pricey – On a month-to-month basis Nord isn’t the cheapest VPN provider, but multi-year plans help push that cost down to beneath the competition.


Considering all the features NordVPN manages to pack into a client that is one of the most accessible in this field, coupled with the veritable army of servers at its disposal, the subscription fee is easily something we can live with. You can’t really put a price on security, and NordVPN comes highly recommended