Deep Sentinel Monitored Surveillance & Home Security

Like most other industries and markets out there, the world of home surveillance and security has made moves towards AI integration. Becoming “smart” technology is all the rage these days, but relying on algorithms doesn’t always work. Deep Sentinel has set out to revolutionize home security in an unexpected way – by taking a step back.

That isn’t to say Deep Sentinel shuns new technological advancements. The opposite is the case, in fact, with the company bringing some of the most advanced artificial intelligence to bear. However, it is by re-introducing the human element that they try to rise above the competition.

Deep Sentinel is a bold combination of the old and the new, taking what works from both and combining their best elements into an efficient hybrid. Just how effective is this strategy, and what drawbacks of its own does it create? Let’s take a closer look.


The Deep Sentinel home security system consists of the same elements as other smart surveillance setups. You have your camera(s), your hub and your mobile app.

Due to the unique functionality Deep Sentinel offers – more on that later – it isn’t compatible with other smart hubs. If you’re a smart home enthusiast you’ll have to bear with your security cameras being separate from your ecosystem.


The hardware used by Deep Sentinel is top-notch, and even lacking their signature bonus, this would be a robust high-end security system with a few concessions.

The camera casing’s water and weather resistance is rated at IP65, and is very sturdy. The camera unit is equipped with infrared night vision allowing for maximum visibility in low-light conditions and has a 130 degree field of view. Above the camera itself is a large, 104 decibel two-way speaker equipped with status indicator lights. The camera resolution is 480p, which is lower than is usual for high-end cameras, but the low resolution was a deliberate sacrifice for higher streaming speeds.

Deep Sentinel’s hub unit, included in the package, has a range of 100 ft. and is equipped with detection algorithms and all the necessary software for the AI to assess what is seen on the feeds. It also has a storage capacity of 64GB for recordings, which automatically overwrites the oldest files when full.

As the cameras are wireless for the sake of convenience, each unity is powered by a 9600 mAh battery. Depending on usage, that can last for 3-9 months on a single charge. The hub doubles as a charging station for the camera batteries. Each hub can connect to up to 6 camera units.

24/7 Monitored Protection

Purchasing the Deep Sentinel security system and the accompanying subscription also includes the feature that sets this apart from the competition – 24/7 protection and intervention facilitated by human operators.

Trained Deep Sentinel guards working from local offices will see the live camera feed if the detection algorithm identifies a human approaching your property. While other smart home security systems automatically send notifications to your phone, leaving you to decide whether it’s a false alarm and how to respond, Deep Sentinel adds another line of defense.

If it so happens that the algorithm is mistaken, the human operator will know that no action is required, and you were spared needless hassle. However, in the case of a crime, the operator will intervene through the two-way speaker in an attempt to scare off the perpetrator and prevent the crime, as well as contact law enforcement swiftly.

Though crime prevention is the main task of the operators, if there is no high-priority situation they will also conduct delivery confirmation with couriers and similar non-emergency actions should the need arise.

Deep Sentinel home surveillance packages come in various configurations and prices, starting at $299 alongside the monthly $49 subscription fee.


The raw features and specs outlined above already paint a favorable picture of the Deep Sentinel system, but its greatest strength lies in the non-stop guard oversight.

No False Alarms

While machine learning and AI technology is evolving exponentially – one needs only look at the development of self-driving vehicles – algorithms still get it wrong sometimes. Most smart home security systems employ the user to check every notification, every alarm and determine the course of action. Here, the human operators do that job for you, meaning you’ll only ever get notified if something actually happens.

The added benefit is the guarantee that no alarm will go unnoticed. Maybe your phone is a room over, or on charger, or your internet connection is dodgy – a dozen things can prevent you from seeing a notification from your security system in time. With Deep Sentinel, this risk is eliminated, as the company guarantees 24/7 vigilance.

Deep Sentinel has been operating since 2016. It says much about the company that no legal precedent exists for a case when human error on a Deep Sentinel guard’s part resulted in any damage, since no such case has ever occurred.

Decisive Intervention

Many smart security cameras are equipped with two-way speakers these days, allowing you to converse with a courier or post-man remotely, or to inform a potential thief that they are being watched. However, most of us aren’t trained security guards, and the operators at Deep Sentinel are specifically taught how to handle these situations in the most efficient way possible.

The human element also means this security system is better than an alarm, be it silent or otherwise. Statistics indicate that automated calls to law enforcement receive low response rates, however since an actual person will be contacting the cops in this case, they’ll definitely show up.

Long Battery Life

While the “depending on usage” disclaimer usually means that you need to take battery life stats with a pinch of salt, even the lower end of the 3-9 month ballpark is impressive.

With Deep Sentinel, you can rest assured while taking longer holidays that your property will stay protected.


While the Deep Sentinel guards being ever vigilant is the reason this device stands out from the crowd, it also creates its own set of possible issues – though none of these are dealbreakers.

Always Watching?

As great as having guards alerted to possible intruders is, it also means other people are looking at your security camera feeds. The official company line is that guards are only shown a camera feed when the AI detects something that requires review, but we are talking about giving a corporation access to live video of your private property.

It’s up to each individual consumer to decide how much of an issue they take with that. The cameras have a Privacy setting which means no Deep Sentinel personnel will see the feed, even if the detection algorithm is ticked off, but that defeats the purpose of this product altogether.

Low Resolution

480p puts the Deep Sentinel behind the curve, quite significantly, when 720p is the standard with 1080p being expected of higher-end devices. This sacrifice was made because the standout feature here relies on quick response times, and the lower resolution guarantees that the operators will see live stream footage without delay. That makes this drawback forgiveable, but reasons notwithstanding 480p is still 480p.


Deep Sentinel brought much needed innovation into the home security industry with an unexpected approach. While arguments can be made against it on the grounds of privacy, when faced with the high efficiency and effectiveness of this product as a deterrent and security system, it’s impossible to say it isn’t one of the best on the market right now.