Best Baby Monitors To Keep An Eye On Your Little One

Sweet Dreams The arrival of a new family member is always a joyous occasion, and naturally, it’s every parent’s desire to keep their child safe and to be confident that everything is okay. The realities of life prevent you from being in the same room as your baby every minute of every hour, and whether … Continue reading “Best Baby Monitors To Keep An Eye On Your Little One”

Top Car Jacks Of 2019

Introduction Some of you might be wondering why a site geared towards security is looking at car jacks, but by definition security goes beyond keeping unauthorized hands away from your property. Personal security also comes down to how well you can deal with situations that could potentially harm you and keeping one’s vehicle in good … Continue reading “Top Car Jacks Of 2019”

The Best Car Dash Cams – Buying Guide

Dash Cams: Ever Vigilant While you may have been exposed to dashcam compilation videos on YouTube before, these devices are far more useful than just to record odd traffic accidents. Dashcams are cameras attached to the dashboard (or to the rear window in some cases) of your car and which are active while driving, constantly … Continue reading “The Best Car Dash Cams – Buying Guide”

The Most Effective Steering Wheel Locks

Wheel Locks: The Second Line of Defense The thief slides the slim jim in between the driver’s side window and the rubber seal. After fiddling for a split second, he lifts up the tool and opens the now unlocked door, already getting ready to hotwire the car, he then sees the most dreaded sight, a … Continue reading “The Most Effective Steering Wheel Locks”

Fire-Proof Safes To Secure Your Valuables

The Vault In general terms, the safe was originally conceived to protect your valuables from the greedy hands of would-be burglars. However, over time, safes have evolved into a way to also preserve the condition of the items held within, not only ensure they remain there. Nowadays, a safe must protect the valuables inside it … Continue reading “Fire-Proof Safes To Secure Your Valuables”

The Best Sliding Window Locks To Secure Your Home

Simply Locking Your Doors Isn’t Enough Windows are second only to doors when it comes to security vulnerabilities in a house. In fact, some might say windows are even preferred by intruders, since a window out of sight, or facing a direction other than the street, can offer a less conspicuous point of entry. Windows … Continue reading “The Best Sliding Window Locks To Secure Your Home”

Home Fire Extinguishers For Every Situation

An Important Aspect Of Home Safety Usually, people consider the benefits of using the product they are looking to buy, as well as the utilitarian value of it. Some things, however, are bought with the hopes that they will never be used, and the fire extinguisher is one such product. If disaster hits you’d never … Continue reading “Home Fire Extinguishers For Every Situation”

The Best Smart Doorbells

Spoiling All The ‘Knock Knock’ Jokes What on earth could be “smart” about a doorbell? You press it and it makes a noise, end of story, right? Wrong. In this day and age, home automation is putting tech into every appliance you can think of, with cameras, motion detectors and the like being the obvious … Continue reading “The Best Smart Doorbells”

Would You Put AI In Charge Of Your Home’s Security?

The rise of the machines, bowing to our AI overlords, and being wiped out by time traveling killer robots are all far-fetched science fiction scenarios, but as AI technology advances and begins to weave itself into other fields and industries, examining just what we’d allow an AI do to is becoming all the more important. … Continue reading “Would You Put AI In Charge Of Your Home’s Security?”

The Top 5 Sturdiest Security Doors

Enemy At The Gates The door is both a necessary element of any house, but potentially also its greatest vulnerability. Unless you’ve mastered the art of teleportation or have the ability to phase through solid matter, chances are your home has a door on it. Doors and windows are the two ways through which intruders … Continue reading “The Top 5 Sturdiest Security Doors”